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Affective computing and its applications in the apparel retail industry     
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", said Arthur C. Clarke, author of many science fictions. Technology has an important role to play in transforming businesses in a big way. With the growing usage of smartphones and tablets, apparel retailers want to use technology to their advantage to stay ahead in the times of fierce competition.
Cellular textile and 3D Printing: Designing for perfection     
Technology has been changing the face and nature of work and the value of skills since the starting of the industrial revolution. This has resulted in change in demand for conventional skills. In textile sector also, the technology has evolved and today even the most basic process of knitting and weaving have changed. Today textiles known as cellular textiles can be created with the help of 3D printing. The complex interlocking patterns have not deterred the young designers from learning and adopting this new skill as part of their designs. Until only last year the cellular textiles and 3D printing were seen as futuristic textile. Nevertheless, some top-notch designing houses and designers have already started displaying cellular textile on ramp and this has made cellular textile a part of the contemporary design rather than a futuristic one.
The most miraculous aspect of this new textile is that a little modification in the structure of the textile can give fabric diverse properties. The cellular textile repeats the interlocking units that differ to create varied functions of flexibility and stretch throughout a textile. As per the ongoing efforts, a software is being developed to help the cellular textile progress into something unique. As per this development, cellular textiles would be made in a way that they can fit around any 3D shape. The consumers would then need to take a 3D scan of theirs, with which, they can simply buy a custom fit garment according to their shape. Like, cellular textiles can be made to stretch more at the tummy then the chest, or vice-versa, which would ensure that the customised garments are comfortable and unique according to each individual's requirement.
Mobile Payments - the evolving dynamics of the retail market     
With new payment gateways and the steep increase in the number of consumers using mobile phones for shopping and the alternative of mobile shopping is growing to become the latest buzz word in e-commerce and retail. The space for electronic retailing has grown by leaps and bounds and has witnessed dramatic changes in the last decade. The mobile payment being the next big thing and paving way for future retail transactions is going to modify the relationship between customers and retailers. The concept of mobile wallet is growing and gaining traction in the retail market. The mobile wallet is generally an alternative way of making payments which otherwise is done by giving cash, check, or by debit/credit cards. The smartphone using generation of consumers can make payments either by accessing accounts from which funds can be transferred or by holding payment credentials.
There are many existing models being used in the segment of mobile wallets in the apparel and garment retailing industry. The Short Message Service (SMS) was used to interchange text messages to make payments. However, such a service was more popular than digital goods like ringtones, avatars, and games. There was no security or encryption and no inherent evidence or confirmation of receipt, payment, or delivery.

  Records : 1-3

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