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Case Study: Improving Data Quality and Compliance     
In this white paper, see how the Timken Company has improved its data quality and compliance. Find out why Timken now feels confident that data is consistently accurate and up-to-date, their agility makes better use of IT resources, and the HR team can take command of its own data and reporting without reliance on IT. Published by: Accenture
Case Study: Improving employee data quality     
In this case study, one company adopted a tool powered by a cloud platform and discovered a number of critical data issues that would not have been found until much later in downstream business processes. Read on to learn about the other benefits ZS realized because of this data quality tool. Published by: Accenture
The DNA Of Your Organization     
Find out how to tackle organizational complexity with in-context visualizations and heighten organizational efficiencies, aid organizational planning, increase institutional knowledge, and more. Published by: MacroMicro
HR Tool Guide     
HR departments need to utilize applications in order manage and track all of the information that comes to them. This guide breaks down three of the most essential HR applications, explaining their uses and benefits. Published by: Accenture
Clear Organization Structure at Maersk     
Read this case study to learn how Maersk Group, a worldwide organization with about 89.000 employees and offices in around 130 countries, and its HR team gained an increased transparency across organizational units and the ability to browse the organization structure and access relevant key data, and more. Published by: SAP
Connected Health Cloud (CHC)     
In this blog post identify the hurdles and locate solutions to create a truly predictive and personalized patient experience. Published by: CloudMine
Customer Engagement Solutions     
Customer engagement is the central ingredient to successful customer retention rates. Read on to discover about the three pillars of customer engagement and how to derive maximum value from every customer interaction. Published by: Avaya CenturyLink
Population Health and ACOs Build on Technology     
Healthcare systems and accountable care organizations rely on technology for patient population management, which includes treatment and sharing patient data. Published by:
Popular Technologies Enrich Customer Experience Strategies     
To improve customer experience, companies need to tune into the different platforms consumers use, unify data silos, integrate information systems and plan thoughtful strategies for engaging customers. Published by: SearchCRM
Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Support for SAP HANA     
Take a closer look at a one-stop support strategy for your SAP HANA apps. Learn how this approach can help you easily power your apps so that you can focus on innovation and real-time insights across your business – whether it be related to customer data, inventory, finance, or other areas. Published by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  Records : 1-10

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